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Buy and sell your items to other students on campus without postage or packaging
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Zero Waste Marketplace,
Just For Students

Join over 10,000 students already using Hazaar

Why use hazaar?

Image by Callum Shaw

Minimise carbon emissions and waste

No carbon emissions from delivery or use of single use plastic packaging! Shop more sustainably. 

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Save money on postage and packaging

No postage is not only great for the environment, but also great for the bank account 🤑

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Meet new people in your student city

Find like-minded people through Hazaar events, or simply stop and have a chat when handing over items

 Here's what students say... 
This app has allowed me to feel less guilty about my shopping addiction…. Hazaar has supplied me with a platform to buy and sell my clothes without worrying about shipping prices or the world ending

 Millie Edwards

How it works

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Verify student status

Sign up using your university email to shop safely and securely

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Buy and sell

Browse unwanted goods from other students in your city, and even sell your own

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Scan QR code

Meet in person to complete the sale by scanning the buyers QR code

Great app allowing students to live a more sustainable life at uni. Managed to sell two old costumes already, love it!!!

Callum john

Download HAZAAR

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