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How do I set up a new payment method?

Go to your profile and tap on settings. Tap ‘Manage Payment Details’ and enter your bank details. This method will enable you to send and receive payments.

I’ve just sold an item but haven’t received my payment, why?

You will receive your payment when you scan the buyer’s QR code. This means that you will not receive your payment immediately, and the buyer must be happy with the item you are giving to them before you can receive your payment.

What payment service does Hazaar use?

All our transactions and payments are managed through Stripe.

As a buyer, how am I protected?

The seller won’t receive your payment until they have scanned your QR code. This allows you to check that the item you are receiving has been described accurately. In the meantime, your payment is held securely through Stripe.

As a seller, how am I protected?

When someone buys your item, the payment is held securely through Stripe. If a buyer does not give you at least 24 hours notice to cancel their order, or at least 12 hours notice to reschedule a meeting time, you will still receive your payment.

How do I buy and sell safely with Hazaar?

Follow these tips to have a smooth and simple Hazaar experience:

  • Honesty is the best policy.

  • When listing an item, try to reflect the condition and characteristics of the item as accurately as possible.

  • Only buy and sell through the app. By using other payment methods, such as Paypal or cash, Hazaar may not be able to help you if you encounter a problem.

  • Check the item’s condition before showing your QR code to the seller.

  • Arrange to meet up in a public place and in daylight.

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