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For PBSA's

Work towards improving your sustainability efforts with Hazaar, the home of student sustainability. 

Hazaar helps you to improve your offerings to students while keeping sustainability in mind through our drop off point initiatives and our student pop up markets. 

"69% of students find sustainability an important factor when choosing their student accommodation"

Property Marketing Specialists

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Our solution

Drop off points


Students donate their unwanted items at the end of the academic year to drop-off points within your 


Hazaar collects, stores and sorts through all items before the arrival of incoming students


Hazaar host Pop-up Markets for incoming students to give donated items a new lease of life. 

Case Study

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham worked with Hazaar to reduce unnecessary waste from accommodation buildings leftover from students at the end of the academic year. 


Hazaar placed 13 Drop Off Points across the Vale Village over a 6-week period before collecting, sorting and rehoming the items. 

Items were then sold back to incoming first year students to stock their flats entirely or for any forgotten uni essentials while left over items were donated to charity. 

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3,400 items collected

45,000kg of CO2 saved by rehoming items


1,900 items re-homed

Est. £63 saved per student (compared to buying new)


232kg of clothing and 80kg of bedding donated to charity and those within the local community. 


"I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for Hazaar and I have no doubt it will be extremely successful. I believe Hazaar will soon become one of the key players in the Student Sustainability Market and will go a long way in making the world a much more sustainable place, watch this space. 

Brendan Creaby - Former Student Accomodation Manager at University of Birmingham 

why students love hazaar

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Student Experience

Hazaar is accessible to all, whether you want to buy, sell or donate there are multiple options for students to get involved with sustainable initiatives

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Join a Community

Students become part of the Hazaar community, gaining access to events, supporting other students and the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals. 

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Hazaar breaks down barriers students face to being sustainable making sustainable living cheaper and more convenient.


Our team at Hazaar take care of everything from logistics to marketing to events management. We’ll provide you with all the resources you need to promote the initiative in your property. 

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