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For students

Buy and sell unwanted items on Hazaar, the words first zero-waste marketplace for students. 

Selling on Hazaar is cheaper and more convenient than other marketplaces & you'll be doing your bit for the environment! 


Gone are the days of heading to the post office and paying to send your parcel, simply sell your item on the app and meet up on campus to hand it over. 


The only fee you’ll pay is a 10% commission to help with the development of the app. 


Read our Top tips for selling on Hazaar where we’ve broken down selling in a bit more detail and given you some extra tips and tricks to get that first sale. 

Start Buying

Find thousands of items on Hazaar in your city today. 


From householod items you’ve forgotten to buy or think you’d never need, textbooks you thought you’d be able to get from the library, last minute costumes for sports night or clothes to make a statement on campus. 


Buying on Hazaar is safe, convenient and more sustainable


Read more about How to buy on Hazaar and the in-app technology that ensures scamming is a thing of the past. 


Join the community

Join other students at your university using Hazaar to make money by selling their pre-loved items, contributing to a circular economy and meeting like-minded individuals.

Attend events on campus and meet others using Hazaar.

Download HAZAAR

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