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For universities

Improve your university's sustainability efforts with Hazaar, the home of student sustainability. 

Students want to do more to be more sustainable but often are faced with barriers including cost + convenience. Hazaar exists to break down barriers students face to being more sustainable, while helping universities improve their commitments and offerings to students.

What we offer


University-wide App Access

Gain access to Hazaar and allow students and staff to shop more sustainably at your university. By using the app there's no carbon emissions from delivery, no use of single use plastic and you'll be contributing to a circular economy. 


Accommodation Drop-off Points

Drop off points are our solution to reducing the waste students leave behind at the end of the academic year. Hazaar collect, sort, store and rehome items to incoming first year students where they can stock their flats entirely with second-hand items or pick up any forgotten last-minute bits.

Read the University of Birmingham Case Study


Pop Up Markets

Bringing Hazaar to life, our on campus pop up markets give students the chance to sell their second-hand items, launch their small business or discover local vintage sellers within the community. Through our in-app technology, transactions are safe, seamless & cashless. 

Improve student experience

Hazaar allows students to shop more sustainably, contribute to a circular economy and meet new students within their community.

Hazaar provides a platform for students to start their own small businesses at a low cost. Through our in-person pop up market events on campus, students get access to our student audience, gain real insight into their offering, and build confidence to grow their brand.

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Student employability

Hazaar ambassadors are essential to our growth at our partnered universities gaining experience in digital marketing, event management and a range of transferable skills.


Our Hazaar ambassadors work together to be the voice of Hazaar on campus and online and work on building their skill sets for life after university.

Meet sustainability goals

Hazaar makes it easier for universities to meet their sustainability targets. 

You’ll receive monthly student insights and reporting on key sustainability metrics to put towards your scope 3 emissions.

You'll also receive a social, economic and environmental impact report as part of our drop off point initiative to reduce waste on campus and within the community. 

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why students love hazaar

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It's safer

Every buyer and seller on Hazaar is verified by student status as well as identifying dedicated safe spaces for item hand over. 

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It's cheaper

Students can buy good quality second-hand items at a reasonable price while saving money on postage & packaging. 

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It's convenient

Students simply meet up on campus to hand over their items or attend an in person event on campus. 

Want your university to be more sustainable?

Launch Hazaar on campus or take part in our Drop Off Point initiative

At Hazaar we take care of everything, from logistics to marketing to events management. We'll give you all the material needed to help you promote Hazaar university wide. 

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