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4 Things To Know About Second Hand Clothes

Updated: Jan 12

Are second hand clothes better for the environment?

Yes! Buying second hand clothes are better for the environment!

The fashion industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world making it extremely important to keep items in circulation for as long as possible.

Cotton, one of the primary raw materials in textiles and apparel and requires large amounts of pesticides to grow, contributing to water pollution and impacting ecosystems. Second hand clothes are also very rarely recycled with most ending up in landfill or incinerated which increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Shopping secondhand saves resources, reduces the use of pesticides and fertilisers and reduces carbon emissions.

Are second hand clothes clean?

You can never be absolutely certain that all secondhand clothes shops and sellers have thoroughly cleaned each item, you also don’t know if the items been wasted prior to being donated!

It’s always recommended to deep clean your items prior to wearing! Follow the washing instructions on the tag or for items without, we recommend soaking your items in water and hand-washing with laundry detergent or popping your items in the washing machine on a warm wash!

Where to Buy + Sell second hand clothes online?

Buying second hand clothing has never been easier with so many websites and marketplaces to choose from.

Secondhand Marketplace apps are great options. Student Marketplace app Hazaar encourages you to buy and sell locally eliminating the costs associated with postage and packaging while reducing single waste plastic and carbon emissions from delivery. Hazaar allow students to buy and sell clothes and other items to other students safely on campus.

Why buy second hand clothes?

Two huge benefits to buying second hand are for environmental and economic reasons!

When you buy second hand you reduce your environmental impact as you’re buying something already in circulation, reducing the demand for new and saving resources involved in the fashion industry.

Buying second hand tends to be a lot cheaper than buying new - its very common to be able to find an item online on a second hand clothing site or marketplace in great condition and with a great discount! You’ll often find great bargains for some of your favourite brands!

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