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How to save money at university

Updated: Mar 10

Heading to university or a current student looking to save money? The cost of living crisis is tough at the moment for a lot of people in the UK and students as a group are certainly feeling the pinch.

From second-hand marketplaces to discounts, these are the best apps for university students to save money easily.


Hazaar is a second-hand marketplace app allowing students to buy and sell unwanted items in person. Students can save money on clothes and accessories but also textbooks and other study-related good due to the lower cost items and no postage or packaging requirements. The app also powers in person events featuring vintage and student sellers, perfect for making some extra cash by selling clothes and accessories which you don’t wear much anymore or picking up preloved fashion for nights out and days in the library. Hazaar is the go-to marketplace to earn extra money, contribute to a circular economy and join a community of students using the app at your university.

You can download the app for free here

Too good to go

Too good to go is a food waste app connecting the public to restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets that have surplus, unsold food! Featuring major brands such as Starbucks, Yo Sushi and even Morrisons. Using their app, you simply search for unsold food near you and you can collect a selection of items as early as a few hours! This is great for saving money on food and fighting food waste.


Cheddar is an app which allows you to earn cashback when you shop. You can link your existing bank cards to the app and earn up to 20% cashback at top brands. For example, you get money back from Mcdonald's, Greggs, Sainsbury's and more. This is great for saving cash on your weekly shop or treating when yourself to some nuggets or a sweet treat.

Student Beans

Student Beans is a discount website for current students in higher education. You can get discounted deals on products and services on brands including Pizza Express, Look Fantastic, Chilly’s, and Apple. It is useful for saving money in-store and online on things you wanted to buy anyway.

This list of the best money-saving apps is by no means the definitive list, but it is a great start for saving cash at university.

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