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For Brands

Helping you improve your sustainability efforts and reach a wider student audience.

Generation Z are increasingly holding brands more accountable for the impact they have on the environment.


“Powered by Hazaar” allows you to place your brand at the front of a student audience while helping you reach your sustainability goals. 


We sell your excess inventory to our students through sample sales at our partnered universities. 

Why work with us?

Daisy Street x Hazaar 2 _edited.jpg

Brand awareness

Increased visibility amongst student audiences 

Student pop up image 3 .jpeg


Minimise carbon impact by preventing your items from reaching landfill



Turn your excess inventory into a revenue opportunity

Case study

Daisy Street x Hazaar Image.heic
The event was a huge success. Hundreds of items were sold keeping excess inventory out of landfill and it was great to see students engaging with the brand on the day by signing up to their mailing list! 

Bethan - Head of Marketing at Hazaar

Want to host a sample sale?

Hazaar makes hosting sample sales seamless through our in-app technology, connections with universities and large student audience.

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