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Define your style, your price, and your marketplace. Buy and sell through the Hazaar app today!

Hazaar exists to seamlessly embed sustainability and student opportunity into university life. ♻️

Our mission is to build a platform for students, by students that becomes THE place to meet and trade their preloved items with zero carbon footprint.

Using Hazaar means:

1. No more post office trips

There is no need for postage or packaging, simply choose a safe space listed on your campus to exchange your item.

2. Student-friendly prices

Need a new outfit on a low budget? We’ve got you covered.

3. Supporting sustainability

Hazaar is the only zero-waste marketplace in the UK, creating circular economies across universities.

How does Hazaar work?

1. Sell pre-loved items on our app

Turn your clutter into cash: earn sustainably, reduce waste, promote circular economy, and create a community-driven marketplace.

2. Buy unique finds on a budget:

Discover affordable, sustainable style! Our app connects students to unique, pre-loved treasures at budget-friendly prices.

3. Attend our on-campus Events:

Bringing the app to life: find one-off items at our termly on campus pop-up events. 

Is your uni partnered with Hazaar?

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Don’t just take our word for it

‘‘The pop-up was a great opportunity for me, it was the first time I had actually put my ideas of selling clothes into action, being able to get experience and also make friends with other sellers who have so much in common with you was really rewarding for me, can’t wait to join in again!‘‘

Rojeen M (@rojeen.ox)

Student - Fashion Retail Academy

‘‘Hazaar pop-ups have been a really helpful way to meet new people in the uni, especially those interested in future projects + helped me grow on social media- there's also a really lovely sense of community among the other stall holders & ambassadors, I can't wait for the next pop up!‘‘

Aine C

Student - University of Ulster

‘‘I wholeheartedly recommend the Hazaar partnership to universities seeking to enhance their sustainability education efforts, as it has the potential to become an invaluable asset in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.‘‘

Nicholas S

Senior Lecturer & Director of Employability SMM - University of Westminster 

‘‘The start of a very exciting journey for us at LSE ♻️ we are already sector leading for our sustainability initiatives but Hazaar take us to a new level! For more information on this visit:‘‘

James G

Head of Residential Life - London School of Economics 

“We're delighted to be developing a partnership with Hazaar. It's exactly what we need to bring sustainability to life at the University of Westminster. Students will be able to engage directly in the circular economy, buying and selling sustainable products, and our learners on our courses will benefit from first-hand exposure to a cutting-edge, innovative green company led by inspiring recent graduates.”

Andy Pitchford

Head of the Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation - University of Westminster

‘‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Hazaar, winners of the PIEoneer 2023 Sustainability International Impact Award. Working with Hazaar to create a safe space for our students to live more sustainably and to benefit from the positive connections that the Marketplace brings is an exciting prospect.‘‘

Carrie P

Accommodation and Advice Manager  - Arts University Bournemouth

“Hazaar pop ups have been an amazing introduction into in-person markets, the Hazaar team were very helpful and super friendly, also the Hazaar app was smooth to use which made purchases easy!”


Student, University of Birmingham

“Wish this app was around while I was at uni!! Super helpful to save money and be more sustainable, especially at the end of your student tenancy.”

Sophie L.

Student, Nottingham University.

This app is perfect for uni students. It provides outfits at short notice, it keeps clothes in circulation for someone else to enjoy, and it gets people talking.”

Nathan W.

Owner of Restore Vintage

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