Our Mission

We exist to seamlessly embed sustainability and student opportunity into university life

To build a platform by students, for students that becomes THE place to meet and trade their unwanted treasures with zero carbon footprint

Our Story

Hazaar was founded by Harriet during her second year at The University of Birmingham. She was fed up with her Amazon friends amazon priming fancy dress costumes every week and wanted to create a safe and easy marketplace for students to source items local to them. Before setting up Hazaar, Harriet ran a plastic-free society with her friend focused on reducing the amount of single-use plastic on campus.

What makes Hazaar Hazaar

We set out to define what kind of impact we want to have in the student communities in the UK, and we decided that these four pillars were important to us:

  • 🔄 Circular Economy: help students shift their consumption behavior and build a community-drive effort to reduce waste.
  • 🌿 Reduced Carbon Footprint: buying on Hazaar means not buying new and no postage fees. A win-win for the Planet.
  • 📚Affordable Student Life: students will find budget-friendly prices in their marketplaces
  • 🛍️ Safe and Convenient: Meet at secure locations to exchange items. Meet on campus, where students are nearly every day during the school year!

By students, for students

We champion local artists and collaborate with students at every of our partnered universities to create a distinctive, personalised sign crafted by students from their own campus.

We celebrate the diversity of each university and aim to leave our mark on campus in a way that uplifts and supports student artists.