Our Team

Meet the people who are bringing Hazaar to life

Harriet Noy


Founder & CEO

Harriet founded Hazaar during her second year at University of Birmingham, and is passionate about sustainability, entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for as many young people as we can!
Anna Martinez


Operations Lead

Anna is an experienced operations manager and is helping to take Hazaar's digital platforms to the next level. She is able to wear many hats and keep projects running smoothly, helping everyone deliver their best work.
Millie Taylor


Marketing Executive

Millie is responsible for the kaleidoscope of content you can find in Hazaar's social media pages, her storytelling has the power to connect with students and vintage sellers, and we love her for her creativity and flair!
Orla McGagh


Product Marketing Specialist / Strategy and Partner Marketing

Orla is driving the success behind our partner and product marketing endeavours. Passionate for strategy and product brilliance, she is really driving our growth and what makes the uni marketplaces "tic".
Lucas Graeff Buhl-Nielsen


Full stack developer

Lucas is a well-rounded full-stack developer with an eye for design and a mind for implementation. He also has a keen business sense and is able to really get in the shoes of our students and propose great ideas for Hazaar
Sam Cattle


Sales & Partnerships

Sam is our Sales Maestro, laser focused on expanding Hazaar within the academic realm in the UK. Sam has become the key to securing impactful partnerships with universities, and we can't thank him enough for his meticulous research and personalised approach.