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By requesting Hazaar we can send a clear message to your university that you are advocating for a student experience that not only benefits you, the students by providing easy access to a circular economy on campus, but also uplifts the community through its initiatives.

Hazaar employs students

Our Heads of Hazaar (Marketing Project Managers) are essential to launching Hazaar at any university. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and help us reach the local societies and clubs, while offering a fantastic work experience that can elevate your CV.

Hazaar ambassadors are essential to our growth at our partnered universities gaining experience in digital marketing, event management and a range of transferable skills that will help you land your next job.

Our Hazaar ambassadors work together to be the voice of Hazaar on campus and online and work on building their skill sets for life after university.

Hazaar improves the student experience

Hazaar allows students to shop more sustainably, contribute to a circular economy and meet new students within their community.

Hazaar provides a platform for students to start their own small businesses at a low cost. Through our in-person pop up market events on campus, students get access to our student audience, gain real insight into their offering, and build confidence to grow their brand.

Hazaar makes being sustainable the easy option

Hazaar makes it easier for universities to meet their sustainability targets. 

Universities receive student insights and reporting on key sustainability metrics to put towards your scope 3 emissions.

They will also receive a social, economic and environmental impact report as part of our drop off point initiative to reduce waste on campus and within the community. 

Please bring Hazaar to my Uni

You and your friends are the best advocates we could ask for, your testimonial strengthens our message when presenting Hazaar to decision-making teams at your university, showcasing the real impact and value Hazaar brings to the university community.Fill in the form below and we'll get to work!

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