How To Buy On Hazaar

2 Feb
min read

Browsing and Buying on Hazaar is simple!

Whether you're looking for your next sports night costume for a Wednesday night our or trying to find your next staple wardrobe piece. Hazaar can help you find items local to you at university that you can buy and receive the very next day.

How to Browse on Hazaar

Browse secondhand items on Hazaar through the search bar, student-focused categories, general categories or the explore page.

1. Got a specific item you are looking for, a particular style or your favourite fashion brand?

Tap the search icon on the top left hand side of the explore page.  Type the name of the item or the brand into the search bar and you can  browse all related items in your marketplace.

2. Looking for a sports night costume?

Select Last Minute Costumes and filter by subcategory where you’ll find a huge list of popular sports night themes to browse.

3. Search and follow users

Search for users in your marketplace through the search bar. Tap the search icon and search by user.

You can follow users who list items you love by clicking the follow  button in their profiles. These users will then show up in the ‘following tab’ on the  browse page.

4. Like an item to come back to later

If you find an item you love, but you’re not quite ready to purchase you can like it and go back to it later.

These items will be accessible through your profile. Liking items also lets Hazaar know the sort of items you shop for so we can show you more of what you love on the explore page.

Once you’ve found an item you love, you’ve checked the description and are happy with the price you’re ready to purchase!

How to buy on Hazaar

  • Tap ‘Buy Now’ on the item you wish to purchase
  • Check your meeting preferences - these will be sent to the buyer to help arrange a time and place to hand over the item.
  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Confirm your purchase by tapping ‘Buy Now’
  • You’re set to collect! Your seller will propose a time, date and location to meet to complete the purchase.
  • Scan your transactions QR code - on meeting the seller, present the  QR code displayed next to the purchased item to transfer funds.

You will be guided through the transaction process, have the opportunity to message the seller at all times and can pull out of the purchase at any time by clicking cancel.

Your money will display as  ‘pending’ but won’t leave your account until you’ve completed the  purchase.

Ready for some shopping? Browse your marketplace now! (This link takes you to the Hazaar app if you have it installed 😊)