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How To Sell On Hazaar

Updated: Jan 12

Selling your items on Hazaar is easy! On Hazaar we have two types of users: student sellers and our seller community which includes small businesses and vintage sellers within the local area.

To sell on Hazaar you must first link your bank account to be able to receive payments, this is prompted when you go to list your first item.

What you can sell on Hazaar

You can sell items that come from a variety of places including:

  • Your own unwanted belongings - secondhand clothes, costumes, textbooks or household items. Stop them going to landfill, contribute to a circular economy and make yourself a bit of money.

  • Your housemates unwanted items - moving out your university accommodation and have some items your housemates no longer need? Pop them on Hazaar and make some £ for your leaving drinks.

  • Reworked items - why not try repairing items and give clothing a new lease of life for someone else to enjoy! There's also a dedicated section for reworked items on Hazaar.

  • Thrift stores, charity shops, vintage markets - perfect for those with a passion for preloved and want to make vintage clothing more accessible to university students.

How to list an item on Hazaar

  1. Tap the floating 'List an item button' at the bottom of the screen on any page

  2. Upload up to 6 photos of the item

  3. Add a title that best describes the item

  4. Add an accurate description of the item

  5. Add the correct category, colour, size, condition

  6. Set a price for your item

  7. Tap ‘Post Listing’

How Hazaar fees work

It is free to list an item on Hazaar but you’ll pay a small fee once you’ve sold an item.

Hazaar takes a 10% fee from the full transaction amount. You will also be charged a small fee by stripe for processing the payment (1.1% + 20p).

At Hazaar we’re super transparent about our charges.

You also don’t pay any shipping costs with Hazaar making our marketplace the cheaper option!

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