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Helping us bring the world of preloved, secondhand and sustainability to university campuses across the UK. Get paid for achieving targets ⚡️

We are hiring!

The preloved student marketplace Hazaar has an exciting opportunity for university students. We are looking for students who have a passion for fashion, sustainability and creativity to join our fast growing community, driving brand awareness and engagement on campus.

About the role

Your role will focus on increasing our brand awareness by driving new users and listings to your university's marketplace. To do this, you will be well connected within the university, responsible for attending monthly activations on campus and spreading the Hazaar word on a day-to-day basis, digitally and in person. This will provide you with invaluable experience in marketing, social media, events and much more. You’ll be managed by a fellow student leading on the project at your university and have a fellow team of Ambassadors to help you in hitting targets and receiving rewards!

Role expectations

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Driving new users & listings to our app - by receiving a unique referral code that we'll use to track your progress.
  • Building & maintaining Hazaar's presence on campus - by attending monthly in person activations, promoting Hazaar within university networks on a day-to-day basis, coming up with new and creative ways to drive engagement.
  • Build partnerships - if you're part of a sports team, society or know student sellers, your role will be to ideate and execute a partnership that will drive awareness of Hazaar in these groups
  • Events - getting student sellers to attend our termly pop up markets and driving footfall.

How we will support you

You will work closely with the Head of Hazaar at your university, who will be on hand to offer you support throughout your role. You will attend regular check-ins with the rest of your team to review progress and come up with exciting marketing strategies.

About you

You'll be great for this role if you are...

  • Confident - a large part of this role will involve approaching students on campus and encouraging them to use the Hazaar app.
  • Innovative & Creative - a 'think on your feet' attitude is required for this role, as we are all learning about how to make sustainability on campus more fun and engaging for students!
  • Natural team player - knowing your strengths and how they can best compliment those of the team to meet monthly targets
  • Great independent worker.
  • Well connected - ambassadors should have a genuine passion for Hazaar and be seeking to spark conversations about it within their university networks in order to hit targets.


  • Valuable marketing, sales & events experience
  • Flexible around your studies
  • Become part of our incredible community
  • Financial incentives: you will be paid per user and listing bought onto the app - one successful partnership can lead to lump sum payments of over £200

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