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Tips For Selling On Hazaar

Updated: Mar 1

Struggling to sell on Hazaar? Here’s our top tips to selling on Hazaar!

Share your Hazaar profile

Increase the visibility of your Hazaar profile by sharing it on social media using the in app share feature! Just click on the share button on your profile to share to your chosen social media platform. If you’re a vintage seller you can even share your hazaar username in your social bios to direct buyers to your shop.

Students love being the first to access new things so sharing on social media that you’ve added new items to your profile can be a great way to drive traffic and attract buyers.

Listing your item

Listing your item relevant to a pre-existing category increases the items visibility to buyers and increases the liklihood its found by search. It will also increase your chance of your item being mentioned in curated edits within your marketplace.

Provide as much detail in the description as possible! Including details about the items fit, size, colour and condition, ensuring you’re transparent about any marks or damages can increase the buyers trust in your listing and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Take good quality photos!

Your items photo is the first thing the buyer sees! The photos don’t need to be professional, a phone camera will do but do make sure the images are clear and include images from different angles. Include multiple images and if the item does have a flaw make sure this is clearly shown in at least one image.

If you’re comfortable you could show how the item fits to give the buyer more confidence in their purchase or the item styled to give the buyer insight into how they could wear the item.

Engage with others on the platform

Being active on Hazaar draws attention to your shop! Interact with other sellers who have items you’re interested in through commenting and liking. You can even follow other sellers to connect and build a following of your own.

Make sure you’re replying to messages about your items in a polite and timely manner - buyers will appreciate this and may come back to your shop especially!!

Due to the nature of Hazaar some people might be looking for outfits that same day and so a seamless purchase experience might be the reason they go through with the sale.

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