University of Manchester

The University of Manchester partnered with Hazaar for one month in June to ensure students were able to dispose of their unwanted yet reusable items in a convenient and sustainable way. The trial took place on 419 beds in Victoria Park halls of residence, where Hazaar introduced drop-off points across the halls, where students could leave any unwanted items.

What are Hazaar drop-off points?

Hazaar drop-off points were designed to reduce wastage produced from students moving out of university accommodation. We aim to give the thousands of perfectly good, reusable items collected a new lease of life to new students in September, and to poverty-stricken communities across the country via incredible causes like Sharewear Clothing Scheme.


Items were collected by the Hazaar team and then sorted into items that could be re-sold to new students and items that would be donated to charity.

35 bags

were collected, each containing an average of 96 items

4.060 tonnes

was diverted from waste

3,360 items

were given a new lease of life

Re-sale event

And then came the Hazaar re-sale event where we put on a community focused event in at the University of Manchester for students to gain access to affordable, high quality university essentials…

1,970 items

were resold to new students


of items were re-homed to University of Manchester students


of items we re-homed to other Manchester students

What happened to the rest of the items?

  • 30% of items were donated to sharewear charity: a charity working hard to combat clothing and bedding poverty.
  • Less than 10% of items went to waste

Overall 60% of the items collected were kept within the student community in Manchester.

Case Studies

University of Birmingham

Hazaar worked with the University of Birmingham to reduce waste during summer. Students donated items on their departure, the Hazaar team stored everything over summer and then re-sold the items to new students during arrivals weekend.

University of Manchester

Over the summer of 2023, we were able to divert 7kg of waste per student through our drop-off initiative. Click the link below to see our impact at The University of Manchester.

Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth partnered with Hazaar to ensure greater inclusivity and celebrate the uniqueness and diversit of Arts University Bournemouth with a sustained programme enabling all students to showcase their creativity and connect in a more sustainable way.

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